Art exhibit Dreamscapes ‘collateral damage’ in South Town mall purchase for NHL practice facility

KSL Journalist Ashley Fredde writes about Dreamscapes’ move.

“Utah’s first environmentally sustainable immersive art attraction is looking for a new location to house its dreams after its leased space in Sandy was purchased by Smith Entertainment Group as part of its plans for a National Hockey League practice facility.

The changes in the leasing agreement were “unexpected and kind of shocking,” said Derek Dryer, Utah Arts Alliance executive director. The organization had signed a lease that could legally be canceled, which was just renewed six months ago. The lease had approximately a year left, and the group anticipated renewing it further.

“A lot of these big mall anchor tenants, these brick and mortar businesses, are going out of business, and so there’s a lot of these empty spaces kind of popping up. It just seemed like a safe bet for us because we didn’t see anyone taking over 100,000-square-foot space when businesses are going out,” Dryer said.

“We really haven’t recouped the money from the build-out yet, and so it’s a financial hardship that we’ve been put into. But we’re trying to remain optimistic and make lemonade out of these lemons, and do our best to kind of move forward and keep a good attitude while we’re doing it,” he added.”

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