Lord of Misrule’s newest edition this Easter Weekend with “Feast of Fools”!

May be an image of 3 peopleThe Lord of Misrule is back with a brand new interactive play! Easter Weekend is April 6-9, a rare and special occasion such as this necessitates theatrical nonsense. This will be a play unlike any other you’ve seen. This is the biggest and baddest and blasphemest Lord of Misrule show yet. (18+, as always) Masquerade/disguise encouraged.
Show starts at 8pm, with a 3pm Matinee on Saturday.
If this is your first Lord of Misrule show, fear not. I shall explain how it works:
1: There’s no tickets! Just show up! Jesus redeemed… your ticket and he saved… you a seat.
2: Between acts of the play, you will be able to donate money to the U of U Prison Education Project in order to change what happens on stage. The program will contain a Menu of Foolishness and whichever menu items get the most donations will be what we inflict upon the characters.
3: Every showing is unique, so come back at the other showtimes and bring your friends!
Plot Summary:
The Feast of Fools is an annual pranking ritual that has existed since medieval times. This year’s Lord of Misrule has constructed an elaborate April Fools joke targeting wealthy social elites. Rev. Kim, Mark Bestor, Brixleigh Taylor, Steven Moore, and Sherrie Hightower have all fallen for it.
They believe they are being initiated into The Judas Society, an illuminati-like organization that was fabricated by The Lord of Misrule. To complete their initiation, they must perform The Great Passion Play and meet The Judas Society’s demands, or The Lord of Misrule will release the blackmail he has on each of them.
Will they successfully perform the Greatest Story Ever Told, or will they lose everything?
Content Warnings:
Blasphemy, strong language, burlesque, prison industrial complex, fox news, the crucifixion of Jesus H. Christ, evangelical representations, troubled teen industry, Multi Level Marketing, fast fashion, Girlboss, Gatekeep, Gaslight, Barbra Manatee, crude humor, references to the systematic violence that plague our society as financially transmitted diseases, and Mr. Beast.
-RJ Walker (Playwright/The Lord of Misrule)
-Scix Maddix (Deviser/The Page of Misrule)
-Alton Phonepraseuth (Deviser/Rev. Kim)
-Connor Bond (Deviser/Mark Bestor)
-Autumn Nelson (Deviser/ Brixleigh Taylor)
-Pidgin Greer (Deviser/Sherrie Hightower)
-Patrick Smith (Deviser/ Steven Moore)
Stage Crew:
-Will Greer (Tech/Props/Three Toes)
-Payton Wright (Stage Manager)
Lord of Misrule: Feast of Fools is also a U of U Undergraduate Research Project intended to show the social and financial efficacy of it’s experimental, mutual-aid based theatre model.
Lords of Misrule are creators of avant-garde interactive theatre projects that directly engage audiences in building their community by:
-Establishing community infrastructure, like mutual-aid dropoff points, and creating space for social activities, outlets for expression, and community outreach.
-Educating the community through artistic expression.
-Challenging harmful narratives and fostering feelings of hope.
-Supporting existing mutual aid programs, charities, and community infrastructure.
For more information about the U of U Prison Education project, or to make a donation, visit: https://prisoneducationproject.utah.edu/
Lord of Misrule: Feast of Fools will also mark Alliance Theater’s inaugural performance in their new blackbox theater, the Sister Dottie S Dixon Memorial Blackbox Theater.
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