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Why Give to UAA?

Utah Arts Alliance (UAA) enables people from all walks of life, particularly those with limited financial resources, to pursue their creative dreams and experience art in their community. The organization’s impact on Utah’s arts and cultural sector is extensive but focused, and directed at creating spaces for artists of all backgrounds and all forms to develop and share their work. Through cultural facilities, events, and community programs, UAA directly supports over 2,000 artists and serves more than 350,000 individuals annually.

To reach our goals and provide even more opportunities, we need your help. All donations and memberships directly support our programs, venues, events, and mission. 

Where your Support Goes

The arts play a crucial role in fostering creativity, critical thinking, and cultural enrichment within communities. They contribute to personal expression, communication, and the exploration of diverse perspectives, providing a sense of belonging and meaning. Insufficient funding for arts organizations and individual artists can have detrimental effects at the community and societal levels. 

Emerging artists encounter limited access to exhibition spaces, gallery representation, and funding streams, hindering their ability to showcase their work, gain recognition, and establish sustainable careers. Although many artists benefit emotionally and creatively from proximity to other artists, a significant number work in isolation and lack community, collaboration, and support. 

For over two decades, Utah Arts Alliance has provided cultural facilities, festivals, events, and programs across Salt Lake County. We provide opportunities for artists working in all art forms to share and sell their work along with subsidized studio, event, and performance spaces. The organization enables artists to thrive while ensuring broad public access to and engagement with the arts by hosting free community festivals and events.

Supporting artists is not only an investment in individual creativity but also a commitment to a more inclusive, diverse, and vibrant cultural landscape. UAA helps break down barriers, empower individuals, and enrich society through a broad range of artistic expression. Your donation to UAA helps us continue and grow the work we do. 

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$20 Annual Contribution Benefits Include:

  • 10% off Dreamscapes Tickets
  • 10% off Gallery Purchases
  • Access to Member-Only Section at Festivals
  • Invitations to Member Events
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Entry Into Monthly Giveaways


$240.00 or $20 per month Benefits Include:

  • Community Connectors Benefits +2 Free Tickets to Dreamscapes
  • Small Art Gift
  • Exclusive Giveaways


$600.00 or $50 per month Benefits Include:

  • Community Connectors Benefits +2 Free Tickets to Dreamscapes
  • Small Art Gift
  • Exclusive Giveaways


$1,200.00 or $100 Monthly Benefits Include:

  • Benefits Include:
    Big Dreamers Benefits+
  • 2 Free White Party Tickets
  • 10% Off Room and Conference Space Rentals
  • Large Art Gift

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Una vez que se haya convertido en miembro, nuestro personal de relaciones con los miembros se comunicará con usted y analizará sus beneficios de membresía. Sus beneficios de membresía duran 12 meses.