SLC White Party 2022 tier 1 Tickets are on sale now

The SLC WHITE PARTY is turning 22 in ‘22!
You are cordially invited to join us at this year’s 22nd annual SLC WHITE PARTY on February 12th! Lose yourself for an evening in a world like no other of dance, whimsical performances, and immersive imaginative art.

The year is 3030… your spacecraft has crash landed on an unknown planet. You find yourself surrounded by the planet’s inhabitants… And lucky for you, they know how to party!

Think all things intergalactic with a Space Glam Soirée twist! This year, we’re bringing sexy Back to the Future. So break out your sleekest spacesuits and become the Starman in the sky that Bowie would have wanted you to be at this year’s SLC WHITE PARTY!

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