KUAA Radio 99.9FM

KUAA 99.9fm is Low Powered FM Community Radio Station broadcasting terrestrially in Salt Lake City, and streaming around the world at kuaafm.org. We pride ourselves on specializing in Musical, Cultural, Linguistic, and Artistic diversity. KUAA is an extension of and brought to you by Utah Arts Alliance.

If you listen to KUAA, you know that it doesn’t sound like other radio stations. We play a lot of different genres in a lot of different languages. We genuinely believe that Music is the universal language.  We also believe that in this day and age, there are many people who are trying to put wedges between us as people daily. We feel music is an essential artistic art form that we all share as humans. We believe music is something that also allows us all as people to connect to and celebrate the things we have in common. 

KUAA 99.9 FM is designated by the FCC as a listener-supported community radio station. While some of our funding comes from underwriters, over 90% of our operating budget comes directly from donations by you, the listener. If you love what you hear on KUAA 99.9 FM and want to ensure the station continues to grow and meet these goals, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to KUAA 99.9 FM right now.

Please help us to continue and expand our mission of connecting people both in Salt Lake City and around the world, one song at a time. Every donation helps; supporting KUAA 99.9 FM is not only a gift to yourself but also a gift to the whole community. Remember, we often waste more money on things that mean less to us. Do something good for yourself and the world; Please Make Pledge Today. Thank you for both listening and supporting KUAA 99.9fm.

You can help us continue our work by donating to the KUAA today!

Locally Made, Locally Played

The Blocks and Utah Arts Alliance present KUAA Radio’s new program  Locally Made, Locally Played. Recorded at Counterpoint Studios; showcasing Salt Lake City musicians, artists and performers. Starting Monday, November 2nd Locally Made, Locally Played will be heard on Monday’s and Friday’s at 10 am on KUAA 99.9 FM on around the world at kuaafm.org. 

Are you a local artist that wants to be featured on Locally Made, Locally Played? Applications are now being accepted.




Daniel Young
NOVEMBER 16 & 20
Carl CarbonellSet 1 

Set 2

NOVEMBER 23 & 27
Josaleigh PollettSet 1

Set 2

Branson AndersonSet 1

Set 2

Andrew ShawSet 1

Set 2

DECEMBER 14 & 18
Andrew Wiscombe Set 1 

Set 2

DECEMBER 21 & 28
Michelle MoonshineSet 1 

Set 2

Terence HansenSet 1

Set 2

JANUARY 11 & 15
Jacob T. Skeen
JANUARY 18 & 22
Terrance DH