Kiki Cabaret: Haunted Discotheque

Deceased folk like to dance too! Some of the creepy crawliest creatures of fright will be unearthing themselves on Halloween night …to get freaky on the dance floor and have a dead man’s kiki! and more….

Come join the fatal festivities at the Haunted Discotheque with Kiki Cabaret!
Music, costumes, a spooky seance, and unearthly beings hanging from ceilings!
Pick your Poison Pregame!

We’ll be having a hell of a good time for our adults only trick or treat pregame at Duvin Pintor winery inside (& upstairs) at Trolley Square. Treat us with your presence and trick us with your costume and we’ll supply the poison and games!

Pregame 5:30-6:30
Kiki Doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7pm
You’ve been warned.
If you choose to ignore this invitation something terrible will happen to you….
You’ll miss all the fun!
Tickets on sale now. Seating is limited so act fast…or else.

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