July 15th at the Utah Arts Alliance

Our mission is to foster the Arts in all forms in order to create an aware, empowered, and connected community.

Pi and Beer Day / Pioneer Day with Science and Art

This Pie ‘n Beer Day, we are taking Utah’s pioneer spirit to the great frontier of Mars! Join STEAMpunk Academy for our Drunk Science: Virtual Happy Hour at 7pm MST Friday July 24th (Earth time) where we interview Chris Carberry; the former executive director of The Mars Society and currently the CEO and co-founder of Explore Mars, Inc., a nonprofit advancing the goal of sending humans to Mars within the next two decades. And most importantly, he wrote the book, Alcohol in Space. If we’ve learned anything from quarantine, those astronauts gonna need it!

We’ll also be checking in with artist Jeremy Smith, who is making a scale model of the Lunar Lander in the Utah Arts Alliance Art Garden.

Tune in via our youtube channel, or the Facebook event.

In other STEAMpunk Academy news, you can still register for the Adult Science Fair. Just email us that you are interested at STEAMpunkAcademySLC@gmail.com. Everything you need to know is right here: https://steampunkacademy.org/events/adult-science-fair and on Insta @STEAMpunkacademySLC

Dreamscapes is now open!

110 West Rio Grande, Salt Lake City, UT

Enter THE CAROUSEL- a world of dreams, woven by a tapestry of characters inspired by the rooms of Dreamscapes, an immersive art gallery in Salt Lake City.

A COVID-conscious immersive theatre experience. Staggered arrival times keep audiences and performers safe in a 14,000 sq ft labyrinth

Audience enters THE CAROUSEL in groups no larger than three at a time. You will meet one of 10 characters who you will get to know intimately as they move with you through the Dreamscapes exhibit, intersecting with the other 9 characters. Get to know their hopes, dreams, fears, and regrets through a series of vignettes which form a complex multi-directional theatre experience. Every journey through THE CAROUSEL is different. Your ticket takes you through two of its ten narratives.

Your journey begins by choosing which paths to take. Each is around 100 minutes and moves twice through THE CAROUSEL, once with each character. Learn more and get tickets here.

New Dreamscapes stickers are here!

Artwork by Alex Gregory. Purchase for $1.00 at the Urban Arts Gallery.

July is National Ice Cream Month! Bring your receipt from Sweet Rolled Tacos to Dreamscapes and get $5 off your admission. OR bring your proof of purchase from Dreamscapes to Sweet Rolled Tacos for 15% off you purchase. Win-win!

 Get your Dreamscapes tickets today!

Get your limited edition Dreamscapes T-Shirt

116 Rio Grande St, Salt Lake City, Ut

Call for Art!

Continuing an annual tradition, Urban Arts Gallery presents “The 10th Annual Skate Deck Challenge”, a vibrant and diverse collection of artwork made with blank skate decks. Local artists are invited to submit artwork—the only rule is that it must be made with a blank skate deck! The result is a colorful and delightful glimpse into the endless creativity of Salt Lake City. Blank skate decks are available at the gallery for $30, or you’re welcome to provide your own. The deadline to deliver completed decks is Sunday, August 30th by 8:30pm at the latest. This show will hang September 1st through October 4th. Admission is free and open to the public. Questions? Contact us at staff@utaharts.org

PPA: Personal Protective Art”

Deadline extended. Face masks are due to the gallery by July 29th!
We’ve acquired a bunch of blank cloth face masks from our friends at Lost Room Costumes, and we need local artists to transform them!

Presenting: “PPA: Personal Protective Art”, an open-call exhibit of creative face masks, from August 2 – August 30 at the Urban Arts Gallery! Our face masks (7.25″w x 4.75″h white cloth) are available at the gallery for $5, or you’re welcome to provide your own! Purchasing a mask through the gallery helps to support the programs of the Utah Arts Alliance, and we’re very grateful for your support. Completed masks are due to the gallery by Wednesday July 29th at 8:30pm. Artists are welcome to submit more than one mask. Contact us at staff@utaharts.org with any questions.

“Animals are the bridge between us and the beauty of all that is natural.” -Trisha McCagh

Throughout the month of July, the walls of Urban Arts Gallery will be adorned with art celebrating the diverse beauty of animal life on Earth. This exhibit features a large group of skilled and talented local artists, exploring the animal kingdom in a wide range of styles and techniques. The result is a fascinating, colorful, and inspiring collection of beautiful artwork for the whole family. Featured artists include:
Alex Gregory
Candace Jean
Chrystal Brower
Halley Bruno
Heather Olsen
Holly Sagendorf
Jaime Reynolds
Jessica Ahlborn
Jessica Douglas
Kenny Pittman
Madelyn Boudreaux
Miguel Galaz
Natasha Hoffman
Ngoc-Minh Anderson
Raynola Dominguez
Ronnie Hansen
Rosemarie Dunn
Sarah Winkler
Shanna Stott
Sky Hatter
Stacy Tonozzi
Todd Powelson
Trevor Dahl
Vanessa Colunga
Valkyrie Johnson.
“Animalia 2020” will hang from June 30th to August 2nd, with a gallery stroll reception on Friday, July 17th from 6-9pm. Admission is free and open to the public.

Shop for art anywhere, anytime with our online store!

More of our programing is adapting to social distancing with Utah Arts Alliance Online

Connect is a free, regular pop-up art exhibit that invites all visual artists to showcase up to two pieces of their art. Connect provides the necessary tools for establishing a career in the arts gained through lectures, workshops, and activities. Attendees participate by voting for their favorite pieces, which helps prepare and educate the artists.

Connect is perfect for emerging artists and art lovers. The program was established in 2010 by Utah Arts Alliance in Salt Lake City, UT. Learn more here.


KUAA Radio  99.9 FM

At the Arts Hub 663 west 100 South, Salt Lake City

KUAA Radio is our multilingual, multi-cultural community radio station. Be sure to dial in at 99.9FM, or Listen online, here!

KUAA Radio  Underwriting

At the Arts Hub 663 west 100 South, Salt Lake City

UAA 99.9 FM, Salt Lake City’s newest independent, listener supported community radio station, broadcasting programming that is innovative, human-driven and free from commercial influence. Because KUAA doesn’t have commercials, we rely on individuals and businesses in our community to underwrite and sponsor the station, to help keep us on the air and growing!

What is underwriting? 
KUAA 99.9 FM is a non-commercial community radio station supported by contributions and not advertising. When you make a business contribution, your support is acknowledged via on-air messages. This is called underwriting. Underwriting and sponsorship are a great way for you to help support the station, let listeners know about your business or upcoming events and its tax deductible!

Why underwrite with KUAA 99.9 FM?
Underwriting is a critical piece of KUAA’s funding. Your underwriting support shows you have an interest in the community in which you do business and want to participate in it. KUAA listeners care about their communities and want to support local businesses. Underwriting messages on KUAA are a great way to keep your business on their mind when they are looking for products or services you offer. Listeners will want to support you because they know you share many of the values, they hold dear.

Counterpoint Studios

Counterpoint Studios is a world class recording studio located in the heart of Salt Lake City. They provide state of the art recording services at a non profit rate. Learn more about them here.

UAA Shared Resources Program

Need creative workspace? Participate in our Shared Resources Program at the Arts Hub!

For more info, email travis@utaharts.org

What’s happening in the Art Garden?

July 20th will mark the the 51st anniversary of the lunar landing. To commemorate event in 1969, artist Jeremy S. Smith is building his replica of the lunar lander in the Art Garden. It will be part of an array of projects happening in the Art Garden. Stay tuned for more information and learn more about the Jeremy and his project here.


UAA Space Rental

Are you a creative professional, local nonprofit, and/ or event-thrower? Then we’re happy to help with all your studio space and venue-ing needs. We look forward to hearing from you!
For Special Event Rental Contact our Events Manager: Jonathan@utaharts.org