Projection Mapping

Installation/Lumen Land Artists


BLOCKS party on Edison Street
4 – 8 pm on Friday
between 200 and 300 South on Edison Street

ILLUMINATE teams up with THE BLOCKS to bring light art to the city. BLOCKS party involves music, buskers and the unveiling of the city’s latest mural project in conjunction with the launch of a public art and mural trail app.. The Colossal Collective’s giant light puppets, Barry and Penelopeacock will be there from 4 – 7 pm before they make their way to the Gateway!


STEAM Lab – presented by Make Salt Lake
5 pm to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday
70 S. Rio Grande at Gateway

STEAM Lab is ILLUMINATE’s spin on STEAM programming (science, technology, engineering, ART and mathematics). In partnership with Make Salt Lake, Utah Arts Alliance, Spy Hop, Illuminating Engineering Society, AMES Ampers High School Robotics Team and others. This space is designed for attendees of all ages to engage in interactive activities built around light and technology.

Light Lounge
5 to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday
65 S. Rio Grande at the Gateway

Light Lounge is ILLUMINATE headquarters, a cozy indoor space where the community can learn more about the participating artists, the festival and its sponsors. Step inside for art exhibits, panels, performance and video art and music. The Lounge will be a comfortable gathering space with refreshments, seating, colorful light art and projections as a backdrop.

VR and Short Film Experience – presented by Utah Film Center
5 to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday
31 S. Rio Grande at the Gateway

Utah Film Center will present visually stunning virtual reality (VR) experiences and a short film and video art lounge. The films will feature work from groundbreaking artists and the VR will explore themes of sight, data visualization, and 3D immersive art.

Kids Lab at Discovery Gateway
5 to 9 pm on Friday and Saturday
444 W 100 S at Gateway

Little Illuminators love all aspects of this festival, but the Kids Lab is designed just for them. Street level at Discovery Gateway is a safe and vibrant place for the littles to play, craft and experience light art. This year Discovery Gateway’s STEAM Educators will be hosting two activities integrating both art and science. Kids will have the option of playing and exploring with glow sticks during an activity inspired by artist Dan Flavin or learning about the science of jellyfish while making their own glow-in-the-dark jellyfish models to take home. Admission is not required as these projects are located on the first level, before you enter the museum.

Dreamscapes- Salt Lake City’s Immersive Art Experience
noon to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday
110 S. Rio Grande
(Ticketed experience) – use promo code HBD for a 50% discount during ILLUMINATE!

Now a permanent attraction, Dreamscapes was born at ILLUMINATE in 2018 as an experiment in immersive art attractions. During the festival, more than 8000 guests toured the space. The enthusiastic response to the debut, encouraged our team of artists and hosts at the Gateway to take this project to the next level. Open six days a week, year round, at the Gateway, Dreamscapes continues to evolve, inspire and highlight the creative culture in Utah. To celebrate our birthday, we are offering a 50% dsiscount during ILLUMINATE on November 8 and 9. Reserve your space in advance here using the promo code HBD. You can purchase up to four tickets per transaction.

About Dreamscapes:
A world of pure re-imagination, where immersive physical and digital artworks take you on an ethereal journey.dreamscapes manifests the surreal nature of the subconscious in a 14,000 square foot labyrinth suitable for all ages to play, explore and of course, dream.

Our Dream Makers include more than 50 Utah artists and builders working with reclaimed materials donated by local partners. dreamscapes is Utah’s first environmentally sustainable immersive art attraction. Don’t miss this limited opportunity to dream with your eyes open as you move through the colorful vignettes designed to change the way that you experience art.

Clark Planetarium – Illuminate the Dome with Conquer Monster
6 and 8 pm on Friday and Saturday; 35 minute run time
110 S 400 West at the Gateway
Ticket are required. Admission: FREE
First come, first served; available at the Clark Planetarium box office the day of the event

Outerdimensional Exploration, is an audio/visual experience that combines theatrical video, live performance, and custom visuals created to fit the curvature of the Clark Planetarium Hansen Dome.    

Outerdimensional Exploration is a training VHS where Dr. Joshua Faulkner and Dr. Daniel Romero teach you how to use the CM-1138 android package to manipulate space-time, generate worm holes, and communicate with outerdimensional beings  through the use of vintage synthesizers and 80s computing equipment.  Conquer Monster plays the role of the CM-1138 androids and are live in the dome with the audience while the full-dome visuals simulate the experience of traveling through wormholes and sailing through space-time.  Through their live performance, full-dome visuals, and well-worn VHS aesthetic, Conquer Monster will transport you through metaphysical realms and alternate mind states with their unique brand of electro-scifi music and hallucinogenic visuals.

Ticketing for Conquer Monster will be handled onsite at the Clark Planetarium ticket counter the day of the show. Tickets can be picked up onsite starting at 10:00 AM or reserved over the phone the DAY OF the show only. Patrons must be in the Hansen Dome Theatre at least five minutes before the show begins. Any empty seats that aren’t filled five minutes before the start time of the show will be offered to individuals in the wait line which is first come, first serve.

Dreamscapes Main Stage
5 – 10 pm on Friday and Saturday
100 South and Rio Grande at the Gateway.

Live performances and bands at our outdoor stage. Check out the schedule page for a list of performances.

Art Installations

Light-art-House and Reactive Projection Mapping

David Giardinelli AKA Visual Trigger

Location: near the fountain and in the Grand Hall

A tower of projection and light.


Gallery of Fine Hyper-Art

David Payne

Location: in front of Urban Arts Gallery (Friday only)

The Gallery of Fine Hyper-Art is a collection of arcade games and mobile gallery.


Torus Eye(s)

Alexis Rose

Torus Eye is a series of soft sculptures created for ILLUMINATE. The Torus Eye(s) are inspired by geometry and brutalist architecture. These sculptures are designed to look like clouds, mushrooms, spectacles, alien structures, halos and more. They are touchable, huggable pieces that are accessible and engaging for the general public. In the daytime, they are white ethereal structures providing shade and shelter. At night, they become illuminated organisms casting giant halos upon its viewers, creating illuminated stages for guests to stand while observing the universe surrounding. The hollow center is a giant peephole, carrying viewers outside of their mental space and upward; the torus acting as angelic bridges between our earth and the heavens. They are mans glasses to the cosmos, and a magnifying glass for the gods.


Pollen Power

Mark Hammond and team

Location: near the fountain

Pollen Power (“Polly”) is MORE than just a 20 feet long, 13 feet tall metal sculpture of a bee on wheels.  She is also a powerful solar power generator with 1200 watts of solar (four collapsible 300 watt solar panels) and 1040 amp hours of battery storage.  “Polly” powers remote events, provides sound, lights, a stage, and provides a charging station to charge your phone while you’re there.  No noisy smelly generators!!  While not making the party happen, she contributes power to Mark’s home and provides back-up power in case of a power outage.  She’s an artistic way to demonstrate renewable energy applications and to remind us of the importance of bees and pollination.  Polly has provided power and beauty to many events including Burning Man, Element 11, The Bee Festival, and Beaver Mountain Music Festival and is available for events.  Contributors include Mark Hammond, Brodyizm, Joshua Moses, Erick Hoganson, Colson Rich, Michelle Angelillis, Brian Adams, Peter Nielsen, Brandi Clayton, and many others.  Catch her hosting great local DJs at the north end of Gateway.  #Pollenpowerbee




Samir Suthar

Location: along Rio Grande

Wormhole is an installation involving 12 concentric circles designed with LED lights.


Tokyo Lights

Weston Lay

Location: in the Light Lounge

Tokyo Lights was founded to create unique event experiences using  light art to create wall displays and other sculptures. These interactive, customized light tiles will be found in the Light Lounge.


Luna & Terra

Augusto Reck

Location: at the bridge near Rocket Fizz

Experience the moon and earth from the perspective of another world.


The Science of HIV

Location: played on the clock tower at the top of each hour

Animation Lab at the University of Utah

The Science of HIV project aims to use animated visualizations and illustrations to captivate, inform and educate diverse audiences. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the causative agent of AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), a disease which was first described in the United States in the early 1980s. Since its initial discovery, HIV/AIDS has risen to become a global pandemic, with over 30 million infected individuals worldwide.

Learn more here


Clock Tower Animations and The Man Behind the Curtain

Dean Cheesman and Landon Smith

Location: 40 S. Rio Grande and on the clock tower with interactive pad at street level

This team of programmers invites ILLUMINATE guests to interact with digital artworks throughout the Gateway. Using motion-sensor software and augmented reality, these projects merge the creative and artistic sectors.


The Dude-Decahedron

Josh Epperson

location: in the Light Lounge


Textural Art

Joshua Samson

Location: in the Light Lounge

Combining hand-dyed canvas with other textural elements is a mental escape for the artist. These pieces change personality with changes in light, much like both natural and created landscapes found in Utah.


Penelopeacock and Barry

Location: wherever their fancy takes them at the Gateway. You can also find them on Edison St for the BLOCKS party on Friday, 4 to 7 pm

Colossal Collective
The Colossal Collective is a group of artists, engineers, builders and performers based in Boise, Idaho with a singular mission: to spread a sense of child-like wonder and magic from interactions with our larger-than-life puppets and art installations. Penelopeacock is returning to ILLUMINATE this year and bringing her new best friend, Barry the Giant Praying Mantis!

The G String

Chris Callor

Location: Top of the stairs outside of the Grand Hall (west side)

The G String is a highly interactive kinectic installation that is 50% science, 50% art and 100% indescribable. Personal interaction is encouraged as your actions control the movement. Enjoy!

RGB Totems

Peter Nielsen

Location: Along Rio Grande

Location Based Photography

John Mc Carthy

Location: Light Lounge

5 years of location based photography resulted in an inventory of 5,000 still images during the construction of Eccles Theater and the 111 S Main Street office tower. The project became a visual vocabulary of conventional images and visual “phantasias,” a term I use to describe a visual technique that augments the perception of the viewer to experience images free of vantage points. The production is a historical document and will be a significant record of Salt Lake City’s growth and development.


RGB Synethesia Paintings

Peter Nielsen

Peter Nielsen has been painting since he was 14 years old. He has shown his work in several places around the country. In 2006 he received an Associate’s Degree in illustration and design from Utah Valley University. Later, Peter went back to school for his Bachelors in Psychology, his emphasis in visual cognition gave him the understanding to develop his light activated RGB technique. Since 2007 his gallery work in Salt Lake has been popular, but it is his light activated RGB work that has really become known since 2009. Most recently, Peter has shown his work at several events and festivals including: Desert Rocks, UT; Burning Man, NV; Concientia, UT; Fetish & Fantasy Ball, NV; M.A.P.S., CA; Champs, NV.

Dimensional Art

Julie Fesko Penman

My work is inspired by texture, geometric shapes, architecture, light, nature and all species in abstract form. I create my work in many layers using metal, concrete, wood, ceramic, lighting and /or custom pigments and paint under the highest quality ArtResin which increases dimension and depth and protects the art.

Although I’m considered to be a primitive artist, one with no formal training, I’ve had almost 40 years of accumulative, artistic training in many other ways. I suppose I would be classified as more of an intuitive artist; I just know when the work is right. No class room training could have taught me that, it’s simply a matter of a feeling that I get.