Vamos a tener un Kiki!

¡Explora la fantasía y la periferia, sal de la rutina y vuelve a sentir el poder del juego!

Kiki Cabaret is a thrilling and titillating quarterly variety showcase with awe inspiring performances, creative art installations, photo ops, refreshments, and a plethora of themes that let you dive in & surrender to the fun! Join us the last Sundays of March, June, September, and December.

Kiki es la crème de la crème, desde actos de circo que te atrapan conteniendo la respiración, hasta actos burlescos que te harán ronronear en tu asiento, tenemos algo para todos los gustos. Kiki presenta músicos en vivo, drag queens y kings, comediantes, malabaristas, bailarines de tubo, trapecistas, acróbatas, zancudos, monociclistas, ¡y la lista continúa! Siempre un elenco nuevo y emocionante extraído de la amplia gama de artistas talentosos del valle.

Kiki Cabaret has a different theme every time that includes collaborations with visual artists and our house photographer, giving you and your guests plenty of reasons to dress up and get your memories memorialized in style!

¡Utah Arts Alliance está encantada de producir Kiki Cabaret como una forma de brindar entretenimiento impresionante a nuestra ciudad, sus visitantes, al mismo tiempo que apoya a los increíbles talentos y artistas de Utah! Su presencia y disfrute es todo lo que se solicita.  

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September Kiki

Heroes vs Villans

September 25, 2022

Social Hour at 6pm, show at 7pm

Kiki Cabaret invites you to a world of fantasy and play! A showcase of Utah’s finest performing artists; Kiki includes dancing, aerial, music, cirque performers, burlesque, drag, and more! With fun themes for each show you are invited to join the fun and dress the part!
Join us in person or tune in from the comfort of your abodes. Yes – you can livestream the fun and have your own private party with our special entertainment!
Come strut your stuff, check out our fun photo booths, and shake off the daily doldrum with a little Kiki with your besties!
Quench your thirst with drinks and merriment!
Seating is limited so make sure to plan ahead!
COVID safety guidelines: Masked or Vaccinated – Please respect others around you while interacting in our venue. Masks will be provided to those who do not have them and need them.
Let’s meet at the September Kiki!
Theater tix: $25
Virtual: Pay what you want!

Kiki Cabaret Presents: Love, Peace & Soul

June 26, 2022

Kiki Cabaret Presents: Queendom

May 29, 2022

Kiki Cabaret Presents: A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

April 24, 2022

Kiki Cabaret Presents: Rock it to the Moon

March 27, 2022

Kiki Cabaret Presents: Lupercalia

February 27, 2022

Kiki Cabaret Presents: The Jolly Jezebel Jubilee

December 18, 2021

Kiki Cabaret Presents: The Bootlegger’s Ball

November 28, 2021

Haunted Discotheque

October 31, 2021

Top Secret Kiki

September 26, 2021

A Kiki Ever After

August 29, 2021

Photo Credit: @Nikkittyta

Kiki Under the Sea

Jun 29, 2021

Kiki Under the Sea

May 30, 2021