Let's have a Kiki!

Exploring fantasy and the fringe, step out of the grind and feel the power of play again!

Kiki Cabaret is a thrilling and titillating monthly variety showcase with awe inspiring performances, creative art installations, photo ops, refreshments, and a plethora of themes that let you dive in & surrender to the fun!

Kiki is the crème de la crème, from cirque acts that catch you holding your breath, to burlesque acts that will have you purring in your seat, we’ve got a little something for everyone’s flavor. Kiki showcases live musicians, drag queens and kings, comedians, jugglers, pole dancers, aerialists, acrobats, stilt walkers, unicyclists, the list goes on! Always a new and exciting cast pulled from the valley’s vast array of talented artists.

Kiki Cabaret has a different theme every month that includes collaborations with visual artists and our house photographer, giving you and your guests plenty of reasons to dress up and get your memories memorialized in style!

Utah Arts Alliance is thrilled to produce Kiki Cabaret as a way of providing stunning entertainment to our city, it’s visitors, at the same time supporting incredible Utah talent and artists! Your presence & enjoyment is all that is requested.  

We’re looking forward to having a Kiki with you!

Are you a performer?

If you are interested in performing with Kiki Cabaret, apply!

Kiki Cabaret Presents: Queendom

May 29, 2022

Social Hour at 6pm, show at 7pm

Queendom When you feelin yo self, and you can’t help but have a little swagger in your step. When you are on fire and nothing can bring you down, you’re in the Queendom. Queendom is not a place, It is not a gender, or social construct, Queendom is a state of being. It’s a vibe, a place of knowing, a creative and powerful expression. Let the Queens come out and be celebrated! Wild, wise, liberated and delicious!

Sunday May 29th, Kiki Cabaret is parting in true Queenly fashion with dazzling entertainment, delectable drinks and refreshments, Dress Code: Don’t Dream it..be it. Bring out your ‘extra’ , and let’s have a KIKI!

Theater tix: $25
Virtual: Pay what you want!

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Photo Credit: @Nikkittyta

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