Gathering of the Guilds presents Watercolor Demos with Diane Asay and Neena Plant

Watercolor on Yupo with Dian Asay

The demo will consist of various ways to apply watercolor onto a Yupo surface. Yupo is a synthetic plastic surface and so most paint application methods are reversed in that instead of letting the paint absorb into the paper it sits on top of the surface until it evaporates. Because of its plastic nature the surface can be wiped completely back or colors can be lifted. Yupo comes in both a translucent and opaque format. It is a versatile surface so come and learn its various benefits.

Diane Asay taught art in public high school but mostly taught in the art education department at BYU for over 25 years. She currently teaches two online courses for the Utah Board of Education in painting and drawing and has conducted dozens of workshops in art.

Waterlily painting with Neena Plant

Neena Plant will be demonstrating a watercolor of a waterlily from a photo taken in her backyard pond. Neena’s goal is to show the subtleties of depth in still water with floating leaves and petals and reflections of reeds.

Neena Plant has been an artist as long as she can remember, with watercolor as her medium of choice for many years. Neena has been a member of Utah Watercolor Society since 1988. More recently she’s stretched her artistic wings to encompass wheel thrown and hand built pottery and finds it’s her newest love, though watercolor will always have a special place in her artistic heart. Neena is a native of the Salt Lake Valley and grew up along the Jordan River.

Join us at the Gallery Stroll on July 15, 6-9pm to participate in the demo!

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