6/14 Coming Up at Alliance Theater!

What’s coming up at Alliance Theater?

Mad King Productions‘ second week of their critically-acclaimed Drunk Shakespeare edition of Taming of the Shrew! Join us for this wild ride that Gephardt Daily calls “bawdy, raucous, and side-splittingly funny” through the bawdier side of Shakespeare! All the naughty jokes modern audiences overlook are on full display as the cast struts and frets on this stage — often pausing to shotgun a beer bought for them by the audience’s donations. Chaos predictably ensues.

Comedy Church returns this Pride Month with an all LGBTQ show! Whether you’re ex-churchy or currently churchy there’s a lot for you in this series of religious-themed standup and interview comedy shows!

Monday, as on all Mondays, Artistic Underground returns with the best open mic in Utah! New and established comics, musicians, poets and variety artists get a chance to perform for an intimate audience, and the audience gets to enjoy a free show! Sign up early to perform, or waltz in at 7:30pm for a great experience! Bar can concessions available.

We are nothing if not funny around here, and the 24th brings another wonderful comedy show! This one’s a wondrous showcase of local talent! Happy Valley Comedy is back, baby! Tickets here!

And as always, stay tuned to see what else is coming soon!

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