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Inclusivity – We design and create art installations informed by inclusive design to support everyone’s ability to experience art.

Sustainability – We aim to re-imagine the immersive arts through environmentally-sustainable practices, eliminating the single-use mindset for the purpose of less waste.

Creativity – We believe in the transformative power of imagination to create art that inspires a brighter future and a better world.


We’re hiring!

The goal of a Dreamer is to ensure that every person walking through our doors has the best experience possible, through maintaining the highest level of customer service and a fun, enthusiastic, safe, and inspiring environment for all. While you may be asked to participate in some artistic aspects of Dreamscapes, a large part of this position is customer-service-based.
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Dream it

Dreamscapes is a world of pure re-imagination, where immersive physical and digital artworks take you on an ethereal journey. Dreamscapes manifests the surreal nature of the subconscious in a 17,000 square foot labyrinth suitable for all ages to play, explore and most importantly, dream.

Shared Resources

To help our artists, large and small, and to support our sustainability efforts we have partnered with local businesses to create our shared resources program. That program is full of donated materials for our artists to use. Though limited, we have supplies such as: plexiglass, wood, metal, hardware, furniture, building supplies, paint, décor and much more.

All of these supplies are ready to be turned into art! Alongside that, we offer our man-power of volunteers and Dream Builders, to help assist your installation.


Dreamscapes is made primarily from upcycled, recycled, and donated materials, we’ve diverted over 3,000 tons of waste from local landfills and given them new life in the dream world.

We are committed to continuing our sustainability efforts in all future installations. We also hope to inspire our community to continue these efforts along with our team.

We are looking for artists who specialize in using everyday and recycled materials to turn into something magical. Can your art be inspired by sustainability too?


We are looking for artists that are skilled in building, sculpture, technology, who love the weird, wonderful, wacky, and other-worldy! Your art will be seen and interacted with, by thousands of people per week! Will your pieces stand the test of time? Can your art transport us and all the dreamers to a new reality?

Dreamscapes is a project of the Utah Arts Alliance, a Utah nonprofit with a mission to foster the arts in all forms in order to create an aware, empowered, and connected community.

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