The Arts Sector Project is an inter-organizational assembly of arts administrators whose aim is to foster collaboration among arts organizations, utilize tools for strategic partnerships, and establish a core base of material and service resources that can be shared. The Arts Sector Project is based out of Salt Lake City and extends its platform for the State of Utah.

The Arts Sector Project was founded officially in fall 2019, as well as its roots in the founding mission of the Utah Arts Alliance (established in 2003), for the purpose of maximizing local talent and resources. The Arts Sector Project is a service provided by the Utah Arts Alliance and is maintained by the UAA as well as key arts administration.

The Arts Sector Project has two principal services: (1) the Bi-Annual Arts Sector meeting, a free in person forum where arts administrators strategically collaborate and share resources, and (2) the Bi-Monthly Resource & best business practices databases.

The Arts Sector Project, and its participants, are notable figures in the Salt Lake arts community.

Vision Statement

A community where all arts organizations communicate with each other frequently, support each other, collaborate whenever possible, share resources and work to avoid duplication of services.


EVENTS Two strategic planning events per year for arts administrators in the State of Utah. These live-streamed events will include strategic planning facilitated by UAA, Change Leader, and other administrators.

WEBSITE (1) Internally and externally updated shared resource / asset list. (2) Internally and externally updated educational opportunities, program, and financial resources for artists. (3) Internally updated “shared knowledge” database, composed of best business practices submitted by arts admin participants.

NEWSLETTER Bi-weekly newsletter that gives access to website links, updates, and quarterly arts admin stories.

About Our Name and Design

Professionals in a variety of fields use the term “sector” as a way to describe a major part of society. The arts sector, for example, describes all arts organizations in a geographic location (whether they be government, nonprofit, or for profit).

We call our effort, “the Arts Sector Project” because we believe that the effort to create and maintain a shared vision is not an ending state, but rather a constant project by willing participants who can balance their personal goals with the collective need.

The Design

The wheel of Co-Creation, created in the 1970’s by futurist and social activist Barbara Marx Hubbard is an important point of inspiration for the design of our project.

Our triangle shaped logo refers to this larger, many sectored wheel. It shows how the arts sector is one piece of a greater, interconnected whole. We hope this imagery can help to foster a bigger vision for our community.

Our Partners