Counterpoint Gear

lease contact us prior to your session to ensure the gear you want is available –  things break, get borrowed, etc.  We will do everything we can to ensure what you need is here.

Audient ASP 8024 32 channel

Brent Averil 10 Channel Neve Summing Console (Studio C)


Beyer Dynamic MG 740 (w/u67 Capsule)
AKG: C414B-XLII, C3000B, C1000S, D112x2
Audio Technica: AT4060, AT4050, AT3035
Audix: D6 (x2), D4, OM5, TR-40
BLUE: Blueberry, Dragonfly
Earthworks: SR20, DK-25R, Kick pad
Neumann: U87, KM184 (matched pair), KSM105, TLM102
Sennheiser: MD421 (5), 409, 509

12 Gauge Omni (Pair)
Shure: SM 91, KSM44, Beta 87A, Beta 58A, SM58, Beta 57A, SM57A
Rode: K2, NT1A, NT5 (matched pair)

PPA LD 2 Tube, LD 1 (x2)
Big Bottom Sub Kick
Studer A80 24 channel, 2 inch tape recorder
Otari MTR-20, 1/2 inch tape mastering machine
Ampex AG-440 1/2 inch tape mastering machine
Lynx Aurora 16

Lynx Aurora 8

Studer A807 1/4 Inch tape machine

Ampex 1/4 Inch tape machine

Teac A3340 4 track 1/4 inch tape machine
Steinberg: MR816 CSX (2) 16 simultaneous channels
Alesis: ADAT-HD24XR, Masterlink 9600
Korg: DX16
Apple: Mac Pro workstation
HP: Spectral CB1100 workstation
Software: Pro Tools 8, Cubase SX6.2, Wavelab 7.1
Mackie: Control Universal 8
Radial: JDX Amp Di and X-Amp Driver

UA Apollo (Studio C)

Monitor System:
Genelec 1038a monitor mains
Bose: Personalized Amplification System
Presonus: Central Station
Furman: HDS-6 headphone amp
Furman: HR-2 remote stations (6)
M-Audio: BX8A
Mackie: SRM450
DynAudio: BM5A
Yamaha: HS50M

Mcintosh MC 402 (Studio C)

Avalon (Studio C)

Usher Audio (Studio C)

Greedtone Stereo Tube (x2)
Langevin am 16 Stereo
Altec 9470a Stereo
Neve 5024 4channel
UA 4-710d 4channel
DBX 676 tube channel strip
Avalon: VT-737SP, U5
Manley: TDS

Bellari Dual Tube Stereo
Focusrite: ISA430 MKII Producer Pack
Focusrite: MH440 Platinum Voicemaster Pro
Presonus: ADL600, BlueTube
True Systems: Precision 8

Compressors & EQ’s
Empirical Labs Distressor
DBX 106sl comp limiter
Drawmer: DL251
Universal Audio: LA-3A (matched pair)
Presonus: ACP88
Samson: S COM 4

ADR Compex Limiter (Studio C)

Kush Audio Clariphic EQ (Studio C)

JDK EQ R24 (Studio C)
Effects Processors:
Alesis: Micro-verb
Eventide: Eclipse 3.0
Lexicon: MX300
TC Electronic: M-One XL

BBE 862 (Studio C)

SPL Vitalizer (Studio C)

Cranesong Hedd 192 (Studio C)


Fazioli 9′ grand piano

BC Rich: Mockingbird
Breedlove: Cozy Sheridan
Ephiphone: (acoustic)
LTD: Viper DL1000
Fender: Telecaster, Stratocaster
Gibson: SG, SJ2000
Guild: JF-30
Larrivee: (jumbo acoustic)
Martin: 00-18, Eric Clapton model
Schecter: PT600
Takamine: (acoustic)
Taylor: 714CE

Guitar Amps:
Marshall: TSL 602, AS50D
Mesa Engineering: Stiletto Deuce
Vox: Buckingham, AD30 VT

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

Sunn O))) Model T Mini

Ned Custom 25 watt tube

Greedtone JHI-100

Orange- Crush 35RT

Bass Guitars:
ESP: active electric
Gibson: SG
Takamine: (acoustic)

Bass Amps:
Gallien-Krueger: 400 RB-IV
Goldline: 410 GLX cabinet

Acoustic Model 3500

Gretsch: Renown Purewood African Mahogany
Ludwig: Black Magic snare
Zildjian: A-A Series Cymbals

Korg: Triton Extreme, Triton LE
Roland: KB 300 keyboard amp

Roland XP 60

Guitar Processors:
Boss: GT-8
Line 6: Pod XT Pro, Pod XT
Mesa Engineering: Recording Preamp

Digitech RP360

(Loads of guitar pedals)

Other goodies:

Creation Audio Labs MW1 Studio tool

Creation Audio Labs “The Sentinel” 10 channel guitar splitter

JDI Di (x2)