Counterpoint Studios

Counterpoint Studios is a world class recording studio located in the heart of Salt Lake City. We provide state of the art recording services at a non profit rate. The facility has three different studios. Studio A is our main tracking and recording room. Studio B is home to Dave Evanoff Studio Designs and studio C is our mixing and mastering room home to DH Audio Services.

Counterpoint History

Counterpoint Studios opened in 1996 by CEO and engineer Gianni Skolnick. Counterpoint was designed by world renowed acoustic design company Studio Bau:ton and tuned to perfection by Bob Hodas. Counterpoint’s three state of the art recording studios are as visually stunning as they are technically advanced. A very famous Italian nine foot Fazioli F278 concert grand piano is just one of the unique aspects that make Counterpoint “in a league of its own when it comes to recording in Western United States”.

These state of the art sound recording studios utilizes specialized acoustic construction, including floating floors and walls, sophisticated electronics, and specially designed HVAC systems that eliminated the sound of air flow.

Studio A’s 30 ft. x 20 ft. live tracking space, which also features two iso booths, and a 28 ft. x 20 ft. control room featuring Genelec monitors and a 32 input Audient 8024 console.

In January of 2015 Counterpoint Studios was donated to The Utah Arts Alliance and Midnight Records Productions.

Midnight Records Productions is the Recording Arts program of the Utah Arts Alliance, a 501c3 not-for-profit arts organization.

Counterpoint Studios/Midnight Records
2335 South West Temple/SLC, UT

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