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Fostering the arts in all forms in order to create an aware, empowered, and connected community. 

Dreamscapes to reopen as a tiger sanctuary.

In order to keep revenue coming in during the shutdown, Dreamscapes has been renting the immersive art space to a tiger rescue operation. The tigers love it so much that they will stay even after we reopen.
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Call for Artist Vendors!

Even the most dire models of how the Novel Coronavirus will spread indicate that if we all stay home now, we’ll be in the clear by the end of the summer. Which means the Urban Arts Festival is a go! What are you going to do with all the art you’ve been making in quarantine? Sell it at Utah’s only free art festival! Apply here to be an artist vendor at the Urban Arts Festival coming in September.

Call for Entertainment!

Want to show off your performance skills that you’ve been practicing in quarantine? Apply here to perform at the Urban Arts Festival coming in September.

Resources for artists to get through the pandemic

Unfortunately, we can’t be open right now to foster the arts in all forms, but here are some resources for artists and creative freelancers who need help now.

We are going viral, but not in the way you think

Remember when “going viral” referred to a funny cat video that you shared with your friends? Well, the Utah Arts Alliance is developing online versions of all our programs. We have plans for virtual paint nights, an online gallery, Connect as a conference call, and much, much more. You are going to come out of this pandemic more artistic than when it began.

Remember when we had to cancel the March of Kings? Well, our very own Madazon Can-Can will be performing in a digital drag show on April 4.

116 Rio Grande St, Salt Lake City, Ut

For the time being, we are closing our doors to do our part to stop the spread of the new coronavirus. All events will be cancelled or postponed until further notice. We will be taking this opportunity to make improvements to the gallery and looking forward to the day that we can open our doors again.
In the meantime, we will be launching an online store on April 6th. Stay tuned for more information.

110 West Rio Grande, Salt Lake City, UT

Dreamscapes is temporarily closed as our community works together to slow the spread of COVID-19. We feel this is the best decision for our community, our employees and the general public. We are monitoring this situation daily and can’t wait to reopen. This down time gives our team of dream makers a chance to sanitize, refresh and build new art installations for you to experience when this is behind us.

In the meantime, you can purchase tickets that are valid through the end of the year, no reservation required. Our nonprofit appreciates the support year round and especially now.
Purchase dreamscapes 2020 tickets here:
Follow us on social media for latest updates:
instagram (@dreamscapes.art)
facebook (/Dreamscapes SLC)We’ll be launching a new website on April 3rd with all the latest updates. Check it out at dreamscapesslc.org
Connect is a free, regular pop-up art exhibit that invites all visual artists to showcase up to two pieces of their art. Connect provides the necessary tools for establishing a career in the arts gained through lectures, workshops, and activities. Attendees participate by voting for their favorite pieces, which helps prepare and educate the artists.

Connect on April 10th.

Though the March 13th event was cancelled, April 10th is still on. We are working on a way to have the event online.

Stay tuned for updates here.


KUAA Radio  99.9 FM

At the Arts Hub 663 west 100 South, Salt Lake City

KUAA Radio is our multilingual, multi-cultural community radio station. Be sure to dial in at 99.9FM, or Listen online, here!
All of the KUAA staff have been learning how to program their shows from home and have been learning new skills to keep the station up and running. All the DJs have been participating in recording special messages to our listeners letting them know to stay safe and stay connected to KUAA during the COVID-19 pandemic.
We’ve also been airing a variety of messages from the CDC to keep people informed about best practices.If you haven’t had a chance yet please check out our new web-site at kuaafm.org – it’s great source of both information and entertainment during this time.

KUAA Radio  Underwriting

At the Arts Hub 663 west 100 South, Salt Lake City

UAA 99.9 FM, Salt Lake City’s newest independent, listener supported community radio station, broadcasting programming that is innovative, human-driven and free from commercial influence. Because KUAA doesn’t have commercials, we rely on individuals and businesses in our community to underwrite and sponsor the station, to help keep us on the air and growing!

What is underwriting? 
KUAA 99.9 FM is a non-commercial community radio station supported by contributions and not advertising. When you make a business contribution, your support is acknowledged via on-air messages. This is called underwriting. Underwriting and sponsorship are a great way for you to help support the station, let listeners know about your business or upcoming events and its tax deductible!

Why underwrite with KUAA 99.9 FM?
Underwriting is a critical piece of KUAA’s funding. Your underwriting support shows you have an interest in the community in which you do business and want to participate in it. KUAA listeners care about their communities and want to support local businesses. Underwriting messages on KUAA are a great way to keep your business on their mind when they are looking for products or services you offer. Listeners will want to support you because they know you share many of the values, they hold dear.

Counterpoint Studios

Counterpoint Studios is a world class recording studio located in the heart of Salt Lake City. They provide state of the art recording services at a non profit rate. Learn more about them here.

Maka MaMas

What kind of music do you play? 

It’s acoustic, it’s very connected to the earth and we definitely have a lot of influences in Native American roots. This album has a lot of that flavor and a worldly influence. It’s more earth based and connection to the elements.

What makes you passionate about this type of music? 

We’re really sending out messages for that reconnection to the source, which is earth and all the elements. The infinite source. That’s what is really lacking in the world right now. People are not connected on a deeper level. It’s about material worth and greed. We believe that it’s been inspired by events that have happened over the last few years with standing rock and the political climate that’s happening. Consciousness around resources and things like that… What can we do? How can we make a change through music?

For these trying times it’s great for artists because sometimes you need turbulence to motivate people and I just think it’s all in divine order in having the chaos that’s going on and stirring people up and making them think about what is happening.

Ultimately, you can’t do anything about the outside world. We have to start with ourselves and create those energies and emotions that we want to experience in the world within ourselves first.

How long have you been playing together? 

Probably about 3 years or so. Leraine was playing at a Shamans reunion in Joshua Tree and Shen was there and we knew each other briefly before. We had this really cool connection and friendship that when we started singing the songs and music there together we realized how cool it was to be on this same vibration.

When did you start with Counterpoint? 

Originally a friend of mine was recording in here… and when I saw the studio I was like “Oh yes!”, said Leraine. Kent is so supportive about getting local music out and he’s supportive of local artists. Shen chimed in, “One of my friends, Kieth Eccles suggested Kent and it went from there. It’s been a journey getting this done and we’re excited because we feel like we’re getting close.”
FB: https://www.facebook.com/MakaMaMas/

UAA Shared Resources Program

Need creative workspace? Participate in our Shared Resources Program at the Arts Hub!

For more info, email travis@utaharts.org


UAA Space Rental

Are you a creative professional, local nonprofit, and/ or event-thrower? Then we’re happy to help with all your studio space and venue-ing needs. We look forward to hearing from you!
For Special Event Rental Contact our Events Manager: Jonathan@utaharts.org 

Save the Date!

S.T.E.A.M.punk Academy presents Drunk Science, a virtual science happy hour every Tuesday at 7pm

For the foreseeable future, ST.E.A.M.punk Academy will be hosting talks with scientists from the safety of your home. These will take place on Tuesday evenings at 7pm. you can watch live on Facebook or Youtube. You just missed our first one with seismologists, Dr. Amir Allam, but you can watch it anytime here!

May 16:
Mural Fest

More Murals coming in 2020. Come and enjoy the party! Learn more here.

August 1, 2020:
Utah Arts Alliance Gala

Come support the arts and enjoy a great party. Learn more here!