Indie Walk

The Urban Arts Festival Presents

The Indie Walk : An Urban Fashion Show For Indie Designers and Artists

We would like to invite you to walk the runway, in the Urban Arts Festivals first fashion show. This year, you’ll have the chance to participate in 3 unique shows to showcase your unique designs. Whether you’re an artist with screen printed work on wearable attire, a local brand or a independent designer can walk the runway with amazing exposure to hundreds of Urban Arts Festival goers. Apply Now!

To Apply: Send email with photos or links to work to:

The Design Walk

A themed COMPETITION for our local indie designers and students. Each designer must design a collection with the chosen theme. They must as well provide their own models, hair and makeup will be provided by The Indie Walk. (this is good for un-established up and coming designers)

$20 entrance fee

The Drag Walk

The drag walk, is a NON – COMPETITION show. This show will provide members of our LGBTQ community to show off their elaborate looks and alternates to the public.

$40 entrance fee

The Indie Walk

An open show NON-COMPETITION for anyone wanting to simply participate without competing. You may enter as many pieces as you’d like, with your own theme. All designers must use their own models, hair and makeup is provided by The Indie Walk. (this is good for established collections, boutiques ect)

$40 entrance fee