Fashion Show

Urban Arts Festival Fashion Show
Sunday, September 16 @6PM
Upstairs at Gallivan Hall

Exploring urban arts through the lens of fashion, this show brings together local talent with a team of stylists, designers and models. Many designs utilize upcycled and unordinary materials to showcase the collections from Utah emerging fashion stars.


Show Director:       Betthy Lovos
Hair Styling:           Kelly Cardenas Salon
Make Up:                H20 Blow Dry Bar
Models:                   NIYA Management 
Photographer:        Spara Foto | Al Thelin
Photographer:        Irina O’Hara 
Freelance MUA:     Samantha Espinoza


Designer and Show Director:  Betthy Lovos
Collection: Betthy Lovos Designs

Betthy Lovos found her passion for design as a child, making barbie clothes and designing her first dress for her junior high graduation. In high school she left fashion to pursue a different career but kept finding herself still attracted to designing clothes, shoes and organizing events.  She enrolled at Salt Lake Community College Fashion Institute, graduated in 2016 and has not looked back.  At the moment she is working on building clientele and finding her niche in the fashion world.


Designer Name:     Angel Aquino
Collection Name:  Paper Dolls

My name is Angel Aquino, I am a fashion design student in Salt Lake City.  I enjoy painting, illustrating and incorporating art in my fashion designs.  Fashion has always been a huge inspiration in my life, inspiration that comes from life experiences, other designers, nature and my Guatemalan culture and heritage.

This collection is titled, Paper Dolls, with all of my designs created by using recycled Newspapers and Fashion and Art Magazines. For the Urban Arts Festival, I present “wearable art.”


Designer Name:     Karlie Bordinko

I’m a native Utah resident, and graduate from SLCC with a degree in fashion design. I  enjoy experimenting with various materials and  silhouettes when designing.  I draw inspiration from what’s around me.  An abnormal crack or roaring waterfall could spark inspiration for something great.

Inspiration:  This lingerie collection is inspired by the beautifully diverse scenery you can find around Utah.


Designer Name:     Steven May
Collection Name: Silver Wolf Artistry

Silver Wolf Artistry was a chain mail business created in 2010 by Steven May. As Steven’s skills developed, incorporated additional metal smithing techniques. Silver Wolf’s goal is to reinvent medieval techniques and show that there is more to metal work than just Jewelry.


Designer Name:     Doris Marquez

At a young age Doris began sketching and designing women’s clothing. Last spring she completed the design program at the SLCC fashion institute and showed her first ten-piece women’s collection.

Since graduation, Doris has been working as alterations specialist while doing freelance design work. Projects include costume design for  Sackerson’s, The little Prince;  costume design for television pilot, “VIVE EN ENGLISH”; and custom designs. Her designs were published in Femme Rebelle Magazine, December 2017

“My inspiration comes from the strength & beauty of a woman. I design with strong lines & dark colors. I want a woman to feel empowered but feminine when she wears my designs.” ­—Doris Marquez


Designer Name:     Jeanne Akhetova
Collection Name: Illusions Lab 

Russian born with a French name, Jeanne has a degree in finance and 15 years experience as a financial analyst. In the financial sphere, Jeanne grew up from clerk analyst to the head of the department. She has always

practiced art as hobby. But 5 years ago she decided to follow her heart and art and fashion finally became her profession and lifestyle.

The idea that fashion reflects our individuality as a foundation and essential element of dedication to the art of everyday life, lies behind the creation of Illusions Lab brand.

Illusions Lab fashion design and felting studio, located in Salt Lake City, creates unique wearable art utilizing an ancient and meticulous hand felting process.  Using luxurious natural materials from around the world, her fashions are 3D-sculpted out of fibers, seamless and stitchless. The result is a collection of high fashion garments and accessories created without compromising the commitment to sustainable fashion philosophy.

Illusions Lab participates in international and US fashion weeks and shows, the line successfully sells in two ParkCity boutiques.


Designer Name:     Michelle Throndsen
Collection Name: Owl B Sewing

My name is Michelle Throndsen I am originally from Wyoming and now claim Salt Lake City as my home. I wanted to recycle everyday items that most wouldn’t think as being fashionable and turn them into one-of-a-kind handbags. This project stretched my creativity and required a lot of out of the trash bin thinking.


Designer Name:     Natalie Clark
Collection Name: Hive by Natalie Clark

Natalie Clark began designing 33 years ago and learned to sew while sitting on the laps of her mom and grandmas. She has extensive background in textiles and color theory and draws inspiration from her Scandinavian heritage, her childhood in rural Idaho, and her passion for outdoor activities. Natalie combines classic sensibility with adventurous design to create garments that are not only surprising visually, but also very comfortable to wear. She celebrates all body shapes and embraces movement in bold, clean silhouettes. Natalie also teaches music, dance, and is raising four children with her husband.


Designer Name:     Daniel Gram
Collection Name: A Little Touch of Style

Country: Argentina
Degree: Fashion Design and Textile Designer, Buenos Aires University (1996-2000)

My concept of Fashion is, “Feel free to wear everything you want with a touch of style and glamour: I work to bring awareness for fashion in Utah. We are known for being behind in fashion, and this collection can change that perception.