The Granite High Encore Project

For over 100 years Granite High school has been the home of civic pride, education and community. Hundreds of thousands of people are connected to this property and these buildings and feel a sense of pride and ownership in this property. No other high school in Utah has such a long history and such a deep and rich heritage.

In 2009 Granite School District closed the doors of Granite High because of a demographic shift in the population in the area and put the building up for sale. In 2011 South Salt Lake City tried to pass a 25 million dollar bond to save and preserve the property and buildings but it failed by only five votes. Since then there have been several different projects that were interested in the property, the latest of which is to tear all the buildings down and build residential housing and a Walmart.

But this is so much more than 26 acres of property and four buildings.  We are talking about the heritage of five generations of families and hundreds of thousands of people who have been touched by this place. This is about 100 years of taxpayers that have contributed to this property and feel a sense of pride and ownership in it. This is the largest open space in South Salt Lake that hundreds of residence used on a daily basis to walk their dogs, get exercise, play sports, and be healthy individuals. To destroy all of this would be a great tragedy.

Right now we are at a place where there is a unique opportunity to create something dynamic and extraordinary. Introducing The Granite High Encore Project!

This project will not only achieve the goal of honoring the heritage and history of this amazing place but it also allows for the transformation into a vibrant facility that will contribute to the future of South Salt Lake, Salt Lake County in the State of Utah for the next hundred years! The Project is being spearheaded by the Utah Arts Alliance, a Non-profit organization, as well as many community groups and citizens.

The Granite High Encore

  1. Save the property and heritage of the site for the community. The only way to do this is to acquire the Granite High property and buildings from Granite School district.
  2. Maintain the open space, the largest open space in South Salt Lake, for community use and creating community gardens and park space.
  3. Refurbish the historic auditorium building to create a regional performing arts center.
  4. Renovate the Industrial Arts Building into a Maker Space.
  5. Restore the gymnasiums, workout rooms and pool for community use.
  6. The main buildings will be used for community purposes as well as Creative Industries work space.

But in order to achieve this seemingly impossible task we need your help. This is going to take cooperation, collaboration and contribution from many parties especially the Alumni of Granite high school, philanthropic individuals, and foundations.

Your donation to the Granite High Encore Project is tax deductible through the Utah Arts Alliance.  Make your contribution today and help preserve our history and create the second act for Granite High. Thank You.

Disclaimer: Granite School District is currently under contract with Garbett Homes to sell the Granite High Property. The UAA is raising money to:

  1. Promote the preservation of the buildings and property.
  2. Buy in to the project if the developers will allow in order to save as much of the property and as many of the buildings as possible.
  3. If Granite School District’s Contract with developers expires the funds will be used for fundraising for down payment with the intention to put properties under contract to purchase property.