KUAA Radio

Bilingue Radio Utah, Utah Arts Alliance and University Neighborhood Partners are teaming up to bring a new community supported radio station to Salt Lake city! The station will consist of two separate weekday and weekend programs. In an effort to strengthen the voice of the Salt Lake City People, the common thread is culture and expression.

Bilingue Radio Utah – Weekdays

Bilingue Radio is about cultural appreciation and empowerment. Through the immersion of languages from other countries with English in a news broadcast format, Radio Bilingual hopes to help build the bridge between immigrant and native communities in Utah and help all of our residents stay informed. In addition to local, national, and world news, you will find classic and contemporary music from across the globe featured here.

KUAA Arts Radio – Weekends

The Utah Arts Alliance want to see an informed and innovative arts community. This requires accessible community education and connection, and a voice for local artists. The weekend art program will be your hub for all things ART. From critiques, panel discussions and interviews; to spoken word, local and national art news, and curated national and international programming.

Our goal is to be up and running by November 2017. You can help us achieve this by donating to the UAA Today! Donate Now

Information and links coming soon…