Illuminate Art and Venues


The Lab

The Lab is an experimental space with “hands on” educational experiences. This lab will give the community unique ways in which they can explore, experiment and express themselves with light and technology while learning STE(A)M concepts. Curated by our friends at SLC Maker Faire. Hours are 5 – 10 pm on Friday and Saturday

Kids Lab

Kids Lab is open at Discovery Gateway to create a accessible and fun space for kids (of all ages) to come play with light and technology. Hours are 5 – 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Regent St

Welcome to ILLUMINATE at Regent St. Enjoy the sights, lights and sounds enveloping one of SLC’s newest public spaces. Sponsored by Salt Lake City Corporation.


Perhaps without being aware, the short digital animation file known as the “.gif” is one of the most shared and looked at forms of visual communication. Many contemporary artists have become aware of the .gifs engaging power and have twisted what was once thought of as an advertising medium into a form of artistic expression.
UMOCA will drive head-on into one of the most consistently bedeviling questions for the art world today, what is “contemporary art” and how does it relate to pop-culture? For .gif Shop, UMOCA has curated examples of .gifs animations that exemplify the medium as something greater than brief comedy loops. With the combination of traditional color theory, the aesthetics of painting, and the use fractal mathematics, these .gif’s not only echo classical art making, they are truly mesmerizing.
UMOCA invites you to experience this exhibition and re-discover the .gif.

The Lounge

The Light Lounge is a cozy indoor space where the community can learn more about the participating artists, the festival and its sponsors. Step inside for art exhibits, panels, performance and video art and music. The Lounge will be a comfortable gathering space with refreshments, seating, colorful light art and projections as a backdrop.

Art Installations

Reactive Projection Mapping

David Giardinelli AKA Visual Trigger

An immersive projection mapped environment designed around the historic Union Pacific Depot

Wooden Dinos

Martin Erickson

They call me Merlin and i made these dinosaurs with sheets of plywood, projector, jigsaws, router, and lots of sand paper. just like the little dinosaurs you played with as a kid but much much bigger.

The G String

Chris Callor

The G String is a highly interactive kinectic installation that is 50% science, 50% art and 100% indescribable. Personal interaction is encouraged as your actions control the movement. Enjoy!


Aleta Boyce

PODS is a concept of life that isn’t quite what we expect.

Five light sculptures on a platform, each with an LED bulb equipped with sounds.
Each pod is made from a metal frame, caning, Unryu paper, PVA glue, acrylic paint (on some sculptures), polyurethane sealant, and electrical lighting components.
Unyru paper and PVA glues are archival and polyurethane is non-yellowing.

PODS can be set up to make sounds or play music.
When placed in groups and certain sounds are used they seem to communicate with each other.

varies from 11 to 15” square

$240.00 to $280 plus shipping outside of SLC area
10% discount for purchase of more than one.

Little Monsters

Aleta Boyce

This tree full of little monsters was custom built for ILLUMINATE using solar LED lights, plastic, paint and elbow grease

Size: varies, bodies are 4 x 5 x 5” approx.

$30. for two, $40 for three
Sold in multiples of 2 or 3 plus shipping outside of SLC area.

Lion Fish

Aleta Boyce

Inspired by the patterns of a Lion Fish, this piece is built using metal frame, fiberglass, fabric, glue, glass, paints, polyurethane sealant, electrical components and LED lights. Suitable for outdoors.

64” x 52” x 48” approx.

$580 plus shipping outside of SLC area

Wire and Light

Emily Royer

Wire and Light blends 3D sculpture with projection art. It starts with a wire sculpture, hand crocheted out of 22 gage wire. A video is projected onto the wire, which The video creates a multifaceted display of light, color, and shadow.


Camp Catalyst

Synthesis is an interactive LED wall utilizing image & body recognition to identify individuals and their movements. The wall will respond with custom-coded effects when faces or movement are detected.

The Chromosphere

Christopher Condrat

The Chromosphere (“sphere of color”) is an interactive, 5-foot-diameter, steel-wire sphere covered in LED strips animated across the surface. The sculpture is sound-interactive, enabling participants to affect the sphere’s unique animations with voices or other sounds such as music, providing an experience of controlling light with sound.

Moonlight Adagio

Doug Steel

Light is often experienced quickly. Flickers. Flashes. Stobing, pulsing, in a hurry to get from here to there. Headlights that pass. Stop! Now you may Go.
But sometimes when all alone, Light wants to slowly dance and sway, to remember sharing a place with a lonely person or just a breeze.
In these moments, Light is a companion and we welcome its soft touch on our eyes. And sometimes…we let it in!

The Dichroic Skull

Designed by Brodyizm
Metal Fabricated by Joshua Moses
LED Code by Indra Fardiansyah
Additional help by Nat Michelo and the Skull Crew

A traveling sculpture made of steel, dichroic plexiglass and LEDs.

Migrating Consciousness, Video, 2017

Wendy Wischer

Projection art from visual art fellows of the Utah Division of Arts and Museums.

My Brain on Memory, Video, 2017
Paradise Lost, Video, 2012

Joseph Ostraff

Projection art from visual art fellows of the Utah Division of Arts and Museums.

Tumbleweeds Lite

Utah Film Center

Utah Film Center @ ILLUMINATE Light Art + Technology Festival
Directed by Various
65 min | 2016 | Various Countries | Not Rated
Recommended for ages 4+

Our Tumbleweeds Amazing Animation program of animated short films from around the world was one of the most popular events at the 2016 Tumbleweeds Film Festival. Young filmgoers will meet a range of fascinating creatures including an octopus, a hermit crab, a stickman and a crocodile in this entertaining collection. The program will repeat every hour on the hour from 5pm through 9pm.

Giant Lite Brites

Downtown SLC

A project of Downtown SLC Presents, these giant lite brites inspire the spirit of play while evoking the nostalgia of vintage games. Using LED lights and acrylic rods, users are encouraged to create patterns using color and light.


Skittish and Bus

A.D.A.M (Adjustable Diode Array Matrix) is a sound reactive 64-piece, 4800 pixel, exploded LED wall. With limitless arrangements of 2D and 3D patterns ranging from 5 to 1000 feet, it can display movies, pictures, and custom animations. Created by the DJ Duo: Skittish and Bus @skittishandbus

Bears Ears in RGB

Peter Nielsen

Artist Peter Nielsen debuts this unique work in honor of the contested Bears Ears National Monument. This digital RGB painting is a psychedelic rendition of our states beautiful desert landscape, notably Bears Ears National Monument.

RGB Synethesia Paintings

Peter Nielsen

Peter Nielsen has been painting since he was 14 years old. He has shown his work in several places around the country. In 2006 he received an Associate’s Degree in illustration and design from Utah Valley University. Later, Peter went back to school for his Bachelors in Psychology, his emphasis in visual cognition gave him the understanding to develop his light activated RGB technique. Since 2007 his gallery work in Salt Lake has been popular, but it is his light activated RGB work that has really become known since 2009. Most recently, Peter has shown his work at several events and festivals including: Desert Rocks, UT; Burning Man, NV; Concientia, UT; Fetish & Fantasy Ball, NV; M.A.P.S., CA; Champs, NV.

Dimensional Art

Julie Fesko Penman

My work is inspired by texture, geometric shapes, architecture, light, nature and all species in abstract form. I create my work in many layers using metal, concrete, wood, ceramic, lighting and /or custom pigments and paint under the highest quality ArtResin which increases dimension and depth and protects the art.

Although I’m considered to be a primitive artist, one with no formal training, I’ve had almost 40 years of accumulative, artistic training in many other ways. I suppose I would be classified as more of an intuitive artist; I just know when the work is right. No class room training could have taught me that, it’s simply a matter of a feeling that I get.

Draw Space

Alex Johnstone

Control the kaleidoscopic interweaving lines with your gestures, utilizing Kinect technology.

Light Labyrinth

Derek Dyer

An amazing maze of light

Tower of Light

Derek Dyer

Suspended from a weather balloon, this 150 ft. LED neon light creates dazzling patterns in the night sky. And yes, you can touch it. Please be gentle.

Electric Crystal

Derek Dyer

The Electric Crystal is a relaxing and meditative art piece just relax and watch as the magic crystals mesmerize your mind.

The Electric Crystal Project includes five crystal structures mounted to an 8′ x 8′ base. The piece is over 13′ tall.

The Crystals can be internally illuminated at night with over 5000 custom programed RGB LED lights. The Crystal pieces glow and change colors in the dark with over 45 minutes of unique patterns and millions of color combinations. The Crystal is also sound reactive and dances with color to the sound of music. During the day the Crystal forms shine and reflect light in the sun.

The Illuminator

On Call AV

On Call AV specializes in creative installations using light, projection and technology.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Clark Planetarium

Electrify your understanding with a light demonstration at Clark Planetarium


Rick Winkler

Rick Winkler is a visual artists that creates reactive light art and wirelessly synchronized led costumes. His art is displayed as standalone installations and integrated into live music sets. In the live music venue, Rick dynamically builds visual presentations in real time with the performing musicians. His piece “Flow” will be on display at Illuminate Salt Lake.


Olive Jin

Choreographer: Sophia Cutrubus
Dancers: Sophia Cutrubus, Maddie Brague and Grace Riter
Projections: Oliver Jin

ODD, the micro odyssey

Mark Macey

A narrative, interactive, & multimedia art installation, ODD, tells the story of Homer’s Odyssey though state-of-the-art electronics, sculpture, performance, and more. Come experience the wildest 900 square feet of art you’ve ever seen. General Admission $15 / Students $10.

The Dreaming Tree

Alice Toller

Blue Laser


Plug and Play Projections

Robert Ward

Projection Mapping


Maclaine Drake

Vibration platforms to enhance concert experiences for the hearing impaired.

Virtual Art





Decorative Spear




Work in Progress

Artistic Director: Jann Haworth
Collage Artist: Liberty Blake
Photography: Lynn Blodgett
Graphic Design: Tyler Bloomquist
Studio Assistant: Christian Fox
Workshop Photography: Shalee Cooper
Banner Tech Production: Alex Johnstone

Coin Exchange

Angular Geometry

Post Modern

Angular Geometry


Angular Geometry

Spectrum of Love

Angular Geometry

Rainbow Plushy

Angular Geometry

Blocking Colors

Angular Geometry

Earth People Fire

Derek Dyer

Earth People Flowers

Derek Dyer

Glitter People

Derek Dyer

Arts Hub Mural

Tai Taeoalii