Illuminate Art and Venues


ILLUMINATE Festival venues include The Gateway and Regent Street / McCarthy Plaza at Eccles Theater. Make sure to visit both venues and see all that ILLUMINATE has to offer!!!


Adobe STEAM Lab
Open 5 pm to 9 pm on Friday and Saturday
110 S. Rio Grande at Gateway

Adobe STEAM Lab is ILLUMINATE’s spin on STEAM programming (science, technology, engineering, ART and mathematics). In partnership with Utah Arts Alliance, Spy Hop, and the Salt Lake Maker Faire, this space is designed for attendees of all ages to engage in interactive activities built around light and technology. Sponsored by Adobe.

ILLUMINATE On Regent Street
Open 5 to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday
151 S. Regent St, behind Eccles Theater

Eccles Theater, McCarthey Plaza and Regent Street is a second hub of activity with motion-reactive projection projects, giant LED puppets, DJs and fire dance performances. Craft beer and cocktails will be available at this venue.

The Light Lounge
Open 5 to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday
Urban Arts Gallery 116 South Rio Grande at the Gateway

The Light Lounge is ILLUMINATE headquarters, a cozy indoor space where the community can learn more about the participating artists, the festival and its sponsors. Step inside for art exhibits, panels, performance and video art and music. The Lounge will be a comfortable gathering space with refreshments, seating, colorful light art and projections as a backdrop.

Amazing Animations by Utah Film Center – Open 5 to 9 pm on Friday and Saturday

Utah Film Center will be screening a selection of animated short films from the 2018 Tumbleweeds Film Festival. The program will screen on a loop from 5pm to 9pm on both Friday and Saturday. Amazing Animations is l;ocated next door to the Discovery Gateway. The screenings are free and open to the public. No tickets needed.

Kids Lab at Discovery Gateway

Little Illuminators love all aspects of this festival, but the Kids Lab is designed just for them. Street level at Discovery Gateway is a safe and vibrant place for the littles to experience light art.

Right next door to the Light Lab, Utah Film Centerpresents Amazing Animations, a selection of animated short films from the 2018 Tumbleweeds Film Festival.

Dreamscapes – Open 5 pm to 10 pm on Friday – Open 5 pm to 9 pm on Saturday

110 South Rio Grande Street at the Gateway.

Step into the beautiful and surreal world of Dreamscapes where you can walk through a dream like world of light and art. Dreamscapes is an immersive art attraction unlike any thing you have seen before. Don’t miss this experience.

The Illuminator – Mirror Ball at Gateway Plaza

The Illuminator Mirror Ball by artist Derek Dyer. The largest mirror ball in the U.S. we be on display at Illuminate. Festival goers can view this 3-story tall mirror ball up close and will be able to go inside and check out the 8’ dance floor inside the ball. Find this impressive installation at the Gateway, near the fountain. The stairs to the inside of the ball are open on Friday only. Saturday the Ball will b e spinning through the night.

Clark Planetarium – DomeLab performance with Conquer Monster.

Conquer Monsterwill performing at the Clark Planetarium inside the Hansen Dome Theatre along to a special film they made just for this event and just for the dome theatre. The film is titled Outerdimensional Exploration, and it will cover the basic processes of wormhole generation. They have arranged for specialized androids to help guide you through the experience of transcending this reality.
Please join us on this adventure as we explore outerdimensional travel!
Admission: FREE
Tickets are first come, first served available at the Clark Planetarium box office the day of the event.

The KUAA 99.9FM Main Stage. – 100 South and Rio Grande at the Gateway.

Live performances and bands all festival. Check out the schedule page for a list of performances.

Art Installations


Enchanted Forest- Reactive Projection Mapping

David Giardinelli AKA Visual Trigger

An immersive projection mapped environment designed in Dreamscapes.



Christopher Condrat

The Vortex, a hanging curtain mounted to a tripod. It looks like a projector screen, only made of black chicken wire, so it’s not solid. On the “screen” are mounted LED strips in a swirl/vortex pattern. The LED strips are animated and react to sound from a microphone.


Heart’s Desire

Alice Toler

The year we are planning to present an interactive work called “The Heart’s Desire.” It will be similar in concept to the Dreaming Tree, but is designed to come apart and get through a standard set of doors!


Pollen Power

Mark Hammond

Pollen Power is a solar power generator with large battery back up in the form of a large metal bee sculpture, 18 feet long and 13 feet tall for transport for use at events. Will be lit up at night and have a sound system and be used as a lounge, a bar, or a performance stage for DJs or other performances.


Specular Vision

James Bradshaw

The Specular Vision utilizes 1” square mirrors glued to a 3D printed matrix to create an image by reflecting 11 different LED source lights along a curved archway.



Martin Erickson

This year I want to take just one dinosaur but it is the biggest I have ever made standing at almost 20 feet tall. It has a strand of individually addressable LEDs going from it’s head to tail.



Brody Froelich

15 foot tall free standing jellyfish we are working on right now – fabric, metal and LEDs.


Covered Wagon Art Car


Art Car


Giant Bunny

Joshua Cody Lopshire – Flownies

Giant Bunny Projection Screen



Chad Wing, Samir Suthar, Lance Lapoint, Patrick Brown

Our project is called HAL. It is a 22ft tall digital art installation made from stained wood, fabric, 3D printed elements and LEDs. It can interact, sing and play games with onlookers through touching its glowing crystals at the base of each leg.


Household Objects

Justina Bonaventura



Colossal Collective


Luminescence Grand

William Cenote

LED reactive Grand Piano


VR room

Will Bowen

The G String

Chris Callor

The G String is a highly interactive kinectic installation that is 50% science, 50% art and 100% indescribable. Personal interaction is encouraged as your actions control the movement. Enjoy!

The Chromosphere

Christopher Condrat

The Chromosphere (“sphere of color”) is an interactive, 5-foot-diameter, steel-wire sphere covered in LED strips animated across the surface. The sculpture is sound-interactive, enabling participants to affect the sphere’s unique animations with voices or other sounds such as music, providing an experience of controlling light with sound.

The Dichroic Skull

Designed by Brodyizm
Metal Fabricated by Joshua Moses
LED Code by Indra Fardiansyah
Additional help by Nat Michelo and the Skull Crew

A traveling sculpture made of steel, dichroic plexiglass and LEDs.

Giant Lite Brites

Downtown SLC

A project of Downtown SLC Presents, these giant lite brites inspire the spirit of play while evoking the nostalgia of vintage games. Using LED lights and acrylic rods, users are encouraged to create patterns using color and light.

RGB Synethesia Paintings

Peter Nielsen

Peter Nielsen has been painting since he was 14 years old. He has shown his work in several places around the country. In 2006 he received an Associate’s Degree in illustration and design from Utah Valley University. Later, Peter went back to school for his Bachelors in Psychology, his emphasis in visual cognition gave him the understanding to develop his light activated RGB technique. Since 2007 his gallery work in Salt Lake has been popular, but it is his light activated RGB work that has really become known since 2009. Most recently, Peter has shown his work at several events and festivals including: Desert Rocks, UT; Burning Man, NV; Concientia, UT; Fetish & Fantasy Ball, NV; M.A.P.S., CA; Champs, NV.

Dimensional Art

Julie Fesko Penman

My work is inspired by texture, geometric shapes, architecture, light, nature and all species in abstract form. I create my work in many layers using metal, concrete, wood, ceramic, lighting and /or custom pigments and paint under the highest quality ArtResin which increases dimension and depth and protects the art.

Although I’m considered to be a primitive artist, one with no formal training, I’ve had almost 40 years of accumulative, artistic training in many other ways. I suppose I would be classified as more of an intuitive artist; I just know when the work is right. No class room training could have taught me that, it’s simply a matter of a feeling that I get.

Draw Space

Alex Johnstone

Control the kaleidoscopic interweaving lines with your gestures, utilizing Kinect technology.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Clark Planetarium

Electrify your understanding with a light demonstration at Clark Planetarium


Maclaine Drake

Vibration platforms to enhance concert experiences for the hearing impaired.

Virtual Art

Marker 1 – Regent Street Art 1 IHSQUARED1

Marker 2 – Regent Street Art 2 IHSQUARED2

Marker 3 – Regent Street Art 3 IHSQUARED3

Marker 4 – Regent Street Art 4 Jimmi Toro2

Marker 5 – Regent Street Art 5 Jimmi Toro3

Marker 6 – Regent Street Art 6 Jimmi Toro4

Marker 7 – Gateway Art 1 Brodyizm 3-d work 1

Marker 8 – Gateway Art 2 Brodyizm 3-d work 2

Marker 9  – Gateway Art 3 Digital Grafitti – SRIL

Marker 10  – Gateway Art 4 Digital Grafitti – Chuck Landvatter

Marker 11 – Gateway Art 5 Digital Grafitti – Jorge Stencil Jam

Marker 12 – Utah Film Center Video

Marker 13 – Spy Hop Video

Marker 13 – Green Illumino

Marker 14 – Red Illumino

Marker 15 – Blue Illumino

Marker 16 -Virtual Future Gallery:

Spiral Jetty by Derek Dyer



Jimmi Toro – 1

Jimmi Toro – 5

3d piece – Alex Johnstone