ILLUMINATE AR is an Augmented Reality app that allows users to use their smartphones to enhance their festival experience by viewing artworks in augmented spaces only viewable through the app.

A technological milestone for Salt Lake City, ILLUMINATE AR dislays the first virtual public art pieces around Downtown SLC, 15 in total, plus an Augmented Reality experience with featured art installations unique to the festival.

ILLUMINATE AR app is a gamified festival experience were users can find holographic robots, unlock other games and check out the leaderboards of registered participants. Find all of the features, to win ILLUMINATE. Check in at the ILLUMINATE Light Lounge (116 S. Rio Grande) at the Gateway for information and prizes.

ILLUMINATE AR was developed by a local company, Meru Interactive, in collaboration with Utah Arts Alliance. Check them out!

Download the app on November 9 on the Apple or Android App Store.

Scan the marker below to unlock work from artist Jimmi Toro.

Illuminate Salt Lake AR Marker