The Cause 

The barrier to entry into the art world is so high that it stifles the true creative potential of our communities. We forgot that art is an essential tool for ALL of us to make sense of the world… not just the people who can make it past the curation process.

The Program

Before coming out, know the following 6 points by heart! 1) Bring 2 pieces of your own original work, 2) No pre-registration. Come the night of with your art. Leave the night of with your art. (Unless you are top selected through the community vote. In which case, you are eligible to hang your art in the Gallery for the next month) 3), No size requirements. That said, Be sure to bring your own easel. Space is limited (our method of displaying is by using tables — first come first serve on our table space.) 4) Early entry is 6:30pm 5) No bio necessary, 6) Come prepared to network, gain a taste of the local art scene, and make the most of the opportunity!

Overview: We invite visual artists to bring their original work to our Gallery and compete for a spot on our wall. But we’re not ALL about competition. In fact, we encourage artists to think of Connect as a testing ground for the real art world — where you can learn how to accept success & defeat gracefully and push yourselves to interact with other creative people. 

The Events

Connect @ Urban Arts Gallery // 2nd Friday, 6:30-9pm // February-November // 116 S Rio Grande St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Connect @ Draw Inc. Gallery // 4th Friday, 6:30-9pm // March-October // 752 6th Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84103


The Discussion

Visit the Connect Vlog, hosted by Connect Founder Michael Christensen. Be warned! It’s very “bohemian.” Go to the Connect Vlog!

Connect Stats

Connect: has served approximately 1,200 artists since its creation in 2010 // has awarded $20,000 in grant money to emerging artists, since 2010 // serves diverse demographics // on average, 50% of exhibiting artists have never exhibited art publicly prior to Connect

Artist Professional Development Resources (CLICK HERE!)