Second Friday of EVERY month (except for January)


Urban Arts Gallery (in the Gateway mall)

137 south Rio Grande Street, Salt Lake City, Utah









Every month, the Utah Arts Alliance opens its doors to visual artists in the community, through the “Connect” Program. Connect offers the rare opportunity for up-and-coming artists (as well as established artists) to showcase their work to the public each month, as well as begin the process of establishing themselves in the SLC art community.

At Connect, visual artists (painters, sketch artists, photographers, sculptors, mixed media, and culinary artists) are able to submit work for public showcase, vote for their favorite works to be entered into Urban Arts Gallery and December Connect, and hear from established artists and organizations on the subject of art.

Connect is in its 3rd year, as of 2014.

Getting Started

Connect is pretty straightforward. Be sure to read the following information, before coming out:

  • Connect is a visual arts gallery. Unfortunately, unless you are able to bring your work the night of and take it with you, the night of, we cannot accept it. Also, it must be art that can be viewed at the pace of a patron. For example, no short film, dance, or live music can be submitted.
  • Connect is FREE.
  • A submitting artist can bring up to 3 pieces of their work.
  • Connect is open to the public.
  • When voting, it is polite NOT to vote for your own work.
  • It is recommended that artists bring a 1 paragraph bio/artist statement with their work.
  • Artists who attend regularly should PUSH THEMSELVES to bring AT LEAST one new piece, each month.
  • We do not presently validate parking at the Gateway.
  • Please read the program schedule! As we have much to cover, we’ll be adhering to it pretty closely!


Program Schedule

Connect Squared (6:00-7:00pm)

A round table discussion group where artists are welcome to come talk about their art process and answer thought provoking art questions.

  • Group Intro (6:00-6:10pm)
  • Group question 1: What is the most difficult part about creating art? (6:10-6:20pm)
  • Group question 2: What do you feel that the SLC community is in need of? (6:20-6:30pm)
  • Questions from a bottle: Ask group questions from the “Question Jar.” (6:30-7:00pm)

Connect (7:00-9:00pm)

A community art event where artists are welcome to bring up to three pieces of their art to exhibit, network, hear from a guest lecturer, and vote for their favorite three pieces.

  • Voting (7:00-8:00pm)
  • Guest Speaker (8:00-8:20pm)
  • Results of vote announced after Guest Speaker is finished

Guest Speakers/ Annual Theme

A complete list of our subjects and guest speakers for 2014 can be found, here.

This year’s theme, “Taking Your Art to the Next Level,” serves as a guide for our selection of guest speakers. In “Taking Your Art to the Next Level,” we’ll be giving special attention to the most pressing questions an up-and-coming artist has to face.


Connect Squared


To help meet the needs of the artist community, CONNECT is getting more intimate!


Introducing “Connect Squared”

Prior to the main program, Connect Squared will offer its space (and a UAA volunteer to guide the group) for an open forum arts discussion.

March Crowd 3

YOU set the group discussion:

         — The things that inspire you.

          —Your history with art.

          —The challenges you face as an artist.

          And more…

Be sure to:

—Bring questions you’d like to discuss and answers you’d like to offer.

—Share your services, tools, and resources with your fellow artists.

When and Where?

Connect Squared is 6:00pm to 7:00pm (can go a bit after 7, no later than 8pm) on the second Friday of the month (right before Connect), at the Urban Arts Gallery.

December Connect Gala

Voting for art is an important aspect of Connect. In addition to offering a chance for artists to exhibit in the Urban Arts Gallery, top selected artists are also eligible to win grant money at the end of the Connect year (in December).

This annual event is unique from the typical Connect event in that it is also a fundraiser for the program. Patrons are asked to purchase $10.00 tickets, and both top selected artists and patrons alike are asked to dress to the nines!