• Connect

    Come out to the Annual Connect Gala on Friday, December 11 at the Urban Arts Gallery!

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  • Utah Arts Alliance

    Utah Arts Alliance is a uniquely dynamic organization. There is nothing quite like it in Utah, or abroad.

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    Utah Arts Alliance
  • The Urban Arts Gallery

    The Urban Arts Gallery is the premier gallery for City inspired art. It exhibits the best Utah artists have to offer in the broad spectrum of raw street art and fine modern art.

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    The Urban Arts Gallery
  • Midnight Records Productions

    Midnight Records Productions provides affordable recording services to area artists. Midnight Records, also its own independent record label, offers music video production and promotional services.

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    Midnight Records Productions
  • Urban Arts Festival

    Thanks for a great festival! See you next year!



    Urban Arts Festival
  • The Cube

    Utah Arts Alliance black box theatre, the Cube serves different cultural groups and provides ample space for all types of live arts programs.

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    The Cube
  • Salt Lake City Arts Hub

    SLC Arts Hub is the central location of Utah Arts Alliance. It is home to arts and cultural nonprofits, community events, and a variety of different artists.

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    Salt Lake City Arts Hub
  • The Foster Art Program Blog

    The Foster Art Program Blog is an online resource to help high-school teachers and students in visual arts, art history, and humanities better understand and appreciate local contemporary art.

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    The Foster Art Program Blog


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